Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fairytale Romance

I thought these wedding gowns were very pretty so I wanted to share with you. They are not my style, but I still think they are beautiful.

"Your wedding dress is the most important dress you’ll ever wear. Period. Needless to say expectations are high. But when we saw the newest collection from Claire Pettibone, Spirit of the Night, we knew it would not disappoint. Filled with whimsy and delight, these beauties will make you feel like you’re in your very own fairytale romance." ~ Style Me Pretty

Monday, January 24, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Last night I watched the new episode of David Tutera's My Fair Wedding on WE TV. I just loooove that show! It is fun to see the horrific plans these brides have for their weddings get changed into something magnificent once the fabulous David Tutera takes over.

I think last night's episode was one of my favorites because of the theme... The Wizard of Oz! I love that movie, although it kind of creeped me out when I was little.

At first the bride had some pretty ridiculous ideas... she wanted her bridesmaids to walk down the isle in these tiny yellow sparkly munchkin dresses holding baskets of apples and some other items from the theme of the movie. Hideous! She was also planning on walking down the isle on top of a yellow brick road made out of construction paper. With all this said, I must say that she was such a sweet bride to watch, she took everything with a "glass is half full" attitude.

Although my wedding is not going to be themed, I kind of like the idea of having a themed wedding because you can do so much with it and have fun! Never in a million years would I have a Wizard of Oz themed wedding, but that doesn't stop me from admiring the artistry of this one.

Amazing wedding cake! Look closely and you will see a little something from each of the characters in the movie.
Designed by Tasteful Cakes
This was the bridal bouquet. It was so unique! Even Emerald City is even represented in the middle.

Here are some pictures I took from my TV so the quality isn't that great.

These were the tables at the reception. I liked how they mixed rectangular tables with round ones and how the centerpieces were combination of candle opras, pillar candles, and flowers in various vases which were different heights making it look very whimsical and fun.

The bridesmaid jewelry was beautiful and bold. I loved how they were a sparkly ruby color. I might have to do something like this with turquoise stone jewelry for my bridesmaids.

This is a shot of the ceremony. If I had an unlimited budget for flowers I would want something like this. The whole isle way was covered with yellow roses that looked like they were actually growing out of the ground. The large pillars with balls of flowers on top added some great height and dimension. I'm not a fan of the yellow brick road walk way, but I thought it was very clever since her theme was Wizard of Oz.
I have always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon so I absolutely loved this idea too! They served as a colorful backdrop to the wedding reception.

This was such a fun and creative wedding so I had to share with you all! Hopefully you got a chance to watch the episode. If not, I think it's online.

Ok, I'm off to see the wizard! haha... not really, that would be weird. Bye!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm back, with much to share!!!

Hi everyone! I would like to first of all say I am back to the blogging world! I cannot believe how much time flies. It has been almost 2 months since my last post.

Heres an update in my life since then:

My friend Erika got married on December 19th at her in-laws backyard in a large white tent. Despite the major downpour of rain we got all that week and the flooding in the yard, it was such a beautiful wedding. I loved her style- a kind of woodsy romantic feel to it. I was so honored to be a part of her special day. She was my roommate about a year ago and have missed her dearly since she moved back home to Visalia to go to nursing school. I will miss her even more when she moves to Texas with her husband where he is stationed in the navy. Below are a couple pictures I took from the wedding.

Jon and I about to get our boogie on at the reception :)
The adorable signs at the entrance to the tent
An overview of the tent as it was getting set up
A close up of the tables - I loved how the centerpieces were pretty cupcakes sitting on top of a slab of wood & I also loved the burlap runners
Their guest sign in tree- every guest dipped their finger in green paint and pressed it to the picture to make leaves- loved this too! They now has something personal & beautiful to hang in their house.
Me and the beautiful bride Erika :)
Sorry its a little blurry, but heres a pic of the bride and groom about to cut the cake
Moving on now to Christmas. As usual Christmas came and went so fast. I had a blast spending time with family and friends.

Here was our family Christmas photo this year. :)

My friend Katy is getting married February 12th- soon! We threw her a bridal shower a couple weeks ago and here are a few pics from that.

Dominique, Katy- bride-to-be, and I
I helped organize a few games- this one is the toilet paper bride
Voila! The finished toilet paper wedding gowns!

I think I may share with you all the games we played in a later blog post.

And finally... Jon and I went to Michigan to visit his family and to attend two of our bridal showers. We just got back a couple days ago actually. Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the showers, but they were lots of fun! We got some great gifts! Having bridal showers of my own made me realize how soon we will be getting married. Can't wait!

I did however get some pictures of the snow- it was pretty chilly over there.
Hope you all enjoyed this extra long blog post! Check back again soon, I will be trying to update more regularly now especially since I am kicking it into high gear now with wedding planning!