Monday, June 28, 2010

Engagement Photo Session in 103 Degree Weather Tomorrow!

Jon and I are getting our engagement pictures taken tomorrow. You might call us crazy, but nonetheless we are taking them anyway on a VERY hot day. Weather forecast says it will be 103 degrees in Fresno, CA tomorrow. Fresno has it's fair share of hot weather during the summer so it's expected, but hopefully for us it will have cooled down a little by the time we take our pictures at 6 in the evening.

We decided to take our pictures now rather than later in the year so that we had plenty of time to make and send "Save The Dates". I am really excited about the location in which we are taking our pictures! It's at an old ranch house (white porch and all), a couple barns, ponds, grape vines, etc. Lots of textures and places for great photos!

I spent practically all day on Saturday shopping for my outfits for the pictures. Although I had plenty of clothes to choose from, I wanted to wear something new for the photos. Well... I ended up buying an outfit, tried it on again on Sunday and decided I didn't like it anymore. It just wasn't me; I probably wouldn't wear it otherwise so I thought, "What am I doing?" I need to wear something I feel comfortable in. So I went through my sister and my mom's closet and found just the perfect outfits. Today it's time to go through Jon's closet to find something he can wear that will look good with what I'm wearing. :)

Ps. I thought I would post a pic of the two of us right after we got engaged. Proposal on the beach in Cayucos. :)

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