Monday, October 18, 2010

Wedding Gift Registries

Over the last few days my fi (short for fiance :)) and I started our wedding gift registries. We registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, Pottery Barn and Macy's. This seems like a good mix.

Bed Bath and Beyond is for every little thing you need at a good price and an advantage is that they are located pretty much everywhere. Jon is from Michigan (and most of his family lives over there) so we have to keep in mind that we need to register at places that they have too. Macy's is good for this as well. I do not think they have Pottery Barn so that will be for just people in Cali. I love that store (I actually worked there about 3 years ago as a seasonal employee). They have very nice furniture, decor, and dinnerware, etc.
And then last night I went to and created a wish list. Sadly they do not have wedding gift registries. :( But they do have a wish list and it looks just like a registry because anyone can look up your wish list to see what it is you want. The list tells you how many of each item they want and how many have been bought for them already. Sounds like a gift registry to me! I got the idea from my friend Erika who is also getting married and she created a wish list at Anthro. I took a look at her wish list last night and got super excited, maybe a little too excited, because I ended up staying up until almost 2 in the morning adding items to my own wish list. I just love how everything there is so unique. The pieces that we get from there will add lots of personality and style to our house.

I admit that being registered at 4 places sounds a little bit excessive and almost greedy. I am considering listing that we are registered at Anthropologie for just my friend showers and not for the wedding. I don't know yet, we will see. I figure my friends and some of my mom's friends would enjoy shopping at Anthropologie more than the other stores. All I know is that I got excited when I found out I could buy Erika something from Anthropologie instead of the usual places.

Registering for wedding gifts is so much fun! It's like Christmas except your wish list includes anything and everything you will ever think you need. I think Jon enjoyed using the scanning gun the best. I think his favorite thing to do is to point the gun at me. He tells me he just wants to make sure I'm on the list. :)

One more thing... in your opinion.... should we register for china or not register for china? Jon and I are leaning more towards not registering for it because we don't know when we will ever use it. We will probably just register for nicer everyday settings that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There are some really pretty designs out there for China, but I gravitate towards the more unique and I know that it will probably go out of style within a few years and then we will never use it again. So what's the point? We would rather have people spend more on other items that we will use more rather than on expensive China we may only use once every few years. In all honesty, what is your opinion?


  1. lol thats so funny... Chris and I were working on our rgistery last night, too! I would say no to china :)

  2. My thoughts exactly when I was registering "When will I ever want to use China?!" Fast forward to today and I kinda wish I had some pretty china for my Thanksgiving cider, but no biggie. I bought some simple white sets from BB&B. They were so cheap, 4$ a plate. I bought square and round settings, and white teacups to go with. They are timeless and look great dressed up or down. I do recommend some sort of fancy glassware. OH, And make sure you get atleast 8 of everything!! ;)

  3. BTW you should totally put a nice vacuum that shampoohs on both of your lists! ;)

  4. Thanks for the advice Hil! :) Yeah we registered for some nice place settings at Pottery Barn that are simple and timeless. Nice glassware is a good idea. and yeah a vacuum that shampoos is a good idea too! thanks luv!