Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Extreme" Home Makeover~ Part 1

The inside of my house has a tuscany look to it. The previous owners took a lot of time hand painting/sponging on the look to the walls. They even hand painted grape vines in the kitchen. Although it is a nice look, it is not me (or Jon) and there were so many areas that needed to be touched up that we decided to get the whole house painted. Jon and I wanted to get the house painted before we got married and before he moved his stuff in to make things easier.

The photos below represent my life for the last couple of weeks. It first began with picking out paint colors. Look at the many colors we experimented with. I love that hardware stores now make small size samples of the colors you like so you can first paint an area to try before you do the whole wall, hate it, and have to start over again. We are painting the entire house so we wanted to make sure it was the perfect color (the green is for the kitchen).
Jon is very handy as well as technology savvy so he installed surround sound speakers. He decided we should do this before the painters came so that they could patch up the holes and paint them to match. Here he is putting them in.
It was a mess of wires, drywall dust, and holes in walls for several days. Here is a pic of Jon and my dad who came to help out one night.
And of course, you can't forget Burrito, the cat who always seems to end up in my pictures because he is so curious and so cute. He climbed up to the top of the ladder on his own so I had to take a pic. My roommate moved out this weekend and took him with her and I miss him soooo much already. Burrito was hers, but he felt like mine. *tear*
Here we are now... painters have been here everyday this week from 8-4. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to empty out your entire closet and put all your furniture into the middle of the room. Right now everything is either covered in plastic or covered in paint dust that has settled everywhere. It is definitely tough living in a house that is being painted, but it will definitely be worth it once it's done!!
Lots and lots of dust!