Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Heart Doily & Pendant Banner

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I wanted to share with you the Heart Doily & Pendant Banner I made for Valentine's Day.  :-)  I used twine for the string to hang the flags on, bought the heart doilies from Michaels, and the flags were cut out of scrapbook paper from Michaels.  I tied some linen ribbon into bows onto the twine to add an extra something to it.  I hole punched two holes into the flags to string the twine through them and simply taped the whole banner up onto the mantle.  This would be easy to make for any holiday.  You can have fun with it and make it your own unique banner with different scrapbook paper, etc.

My wonderful husband gave me a dozen roses this morning (so sweet of him!) and I decided to use them as part of the decor on our fireplace mantle to go along with the banner I made.  I placed each rose in random old bottles I had collected last year (for our wedding).  The LOVE sign was from our wedding too.  Ps.  Sorry for the TV in the pic, I couldn't really take the picture without getting it in it.  Oh well!

If you want a fresh perspective on Valentine's Day, visit my sweet friend Bekah's blog je*m'appelle*bekah.  I love her advice to guys who feel the pressure to get something special for their Valentine and think it is just a "Hallmark holiday".

She put the true meaning of love perfectly, "If nothing else, this should be a day of being thankful for the definition of love: God. God is love. God is the creator of love, God is the one who allows us to feel the beautiful emotion of love. He is the only One who never fails and never disappoints."

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  1. i love letters in the decoration. i have seen them everywhere!