Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Personalized Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Ok, so I am going to show you a recent craft project I made for Christmas. No, it is not related to our wedding at all, but I thought what the hay, I will show it to you anyway. :)

Right now at my work we are having a contest for who can decorate their plain red Christmas stocking the best. I love crafting so I got really excited!

The cute kitty in the picture is my roommates cat, Burrito.
I just love the little guy. :)
Below is a picture of the plain red stocking they gave us to start off with and they told us to decorate it however we pleased.

I was in Hancock Fabrics the other day looking for fabric for my wedding and took the opportunity to pic out a really cute fabric for my stocking as well.

My sister learned how to make fabric flowers a few months ago and I was intrigued so I decided to make one to put on my stocking.

First you cut out a long strip of fabric and then fold it in half. Take a needle and thread and start threading it through both layers of the fabric along the edge. As you pull the thread tight the fabric naturally starts to gather and spiral into the shape of a flower. For more detailed instructions on how to make these go to the Creation Corner.
Next I wanted to make a center for my flower so I took some Aleene's Fabric Fusion and glued it down onto the center of the flower.
Next I cut up squares from the fabric and glued them down flat onto the stocking with Aleene's Fabric Fusion as well. I had a red and white flannel ribbon that was left over from a wrapped gift that I tied and glued onto the top of the stocking. I used some of the extra pieces to cut out little hearts too. I had some left over letters from the project I did to ask my bridesmaids to be in our wedding. I used these to put my name on my stocking.

And it was finished!

There's Burrito again, checking out the stocking hanging from the fireplace in my room. :)
And here is a close up of my new fabulous Christmas stocking!


  1. Your stocking is the "cat's meow"! Soo cute!

  2. Hi there! We miss you, but love that you are still crafty. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas. The stocking is cute.

  3. Thanks Jen!! I miss you all too! Merry Christmas!! :)