Monday, September 27, 2010

Flowers Flowers Flowers

The next vendor I would like to book for our wedding is a florist. Before I start meeting with some I wanted to figure out what style of flowers I like best. So this weekend I put together a few pictures I found on various wedding blogs to take with me to the appointments and see which florist gets my vision the most. I am struggling to sum up my vision in a few words... I guess you could call it a romantic, vintage, spring garden wedding.

This first grouping is all bouquets- I like that they are more loose and airy (as opposed to tight balls of flowers) almost as if they were a bunch of wildflowers just picked fresh from a field. I tend to like bright colors vs. pastels. I think the bouquets are pretty when they look really organic with a few leaves sticking out from the bouquet too.

This next one I put together as inspiration for my centerpieces. I love the blue mason jar look. I think having these line the aisle way of the ceremony would be so beautiful. I also like the idea of having other eclectic random antique bottles with fresh flowers in them as well.

The next one is just another grouping of ideas that I liked.

I think I am armed and ready for meeting with the florists! I will have to let you know how it goes!


  1. My faves are the giant peonies. So pretty!

  2. yes peonies are my fav flower right now!

  3. I feel like our weddings are going to have the same "look" to them..... :) Not that I'm surprised by that or anything!!! haha. Love your blog Mandy! So fun to read about all your planning!

  4. haha! Thanks Kasey! Yes we do have very similar styles. :)