Thursday, September 2, 2010

Toppers Too!

Today I decided to look for my wedding cake topper! I immediatly went to Etsy to see what they had since I love DIY stuff and there had to be some cute ones there.

Look what I found! Soooo adorable!

I found this one on Etsy by bthanari. She customizes each pair to match your dress, hairstyle, etc!

Thes were on Etsy too! Very cute as well! These are by enchantedbelles.

For something a little different than the actual wedding couple, you could try little love birds as your cake topper! This designer, ItsAllTakingShape, found on Etsy says each topper she does is made custom to your liking. So you can change the color, add a hat and veil, etc.

This one I found hilarious! It's called Love Pinch. I found it at

I thought this one was funny too. Personally I wouldn't want them for my wedding cake, but to each his own. I found it on Etsy as well. The designer is Garden4Arts...

On a side note I went to the Emmy Award Gift Suite on Saturday and met the voice of Mrs. Potato Head from Toy Story, Estelle Harris. She is hilarious in person by the way! We got her to tie-dye with us. She was a crack up! Here's a pic of her with our Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit.


  1. Did you see the one Cheryl made her niece? You might need to commission one from her. It was so cute...much like the second one pictured.

  2. No I didn't see it! I will have to ask her if she has any pics.