Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Furniture Find!

This weekend my mom and I went to the Clovis Fest. It is a fun outdoor festival in the quaint little streets of Old Town Clovis. Vendors fill the streets to sell things like handmade crafts, fresh fruit, kettle corn, you name it. Best of all they start the day off with a hot air balloon launch... unfortunately by the time my mom and I got there they were long gone and we couldn't see them anymore.

The fun thing about Old Town Clovis is all the antique shops. I honestly had no idea how many there were until we started browsing through them... And I think I found a new love for antique shopping. I never really saw myself as an antique shopper. I always thought of antique shops as kinda smelly places filled to the brim with stuff that only grandmas would like. Well... I found out that not all of them are like that... sure they are sort of jam packed with lots of stuff and it does smell a little, but some of them are actually pretty organized and nice inside. I found myself picking out pieces in them that I could see myself purchasing someday for my home.

And I actually did purchase one piece!! I am so excited! I think it may be the first piece of furniture I have ever bought. It was sitting outside of a gift shop that was brought over from an antique store for displaying seasonal items. I asked if it was for sale and the lady said yes it is.... $250 but today we are marking it down half price to $125 because we don't want to have to haul it back over to the antique store. What a steal! Or at least I think it was. The lady said she thinks it dates back from the 30's. But anyway, here is a picture of my new find. Just imagine it without the pumpkins, etc on the top. So... what purpose will this piece serve, you ask? Well, I would like to use it first in my wedding, maybe as the guest book table. Can you picture it?... fresh flowers in a vase on top, maybe some iron letters of our initials resting next to it and the guest book sitting on top.... Then I had another idea, why not get two uses out of it? I thought it would be perfect in our new home. I have a house that I live in with roommates right now and Jon will be moving in with me when we get married and the roommates will be out. I am not quite sure where we are going to put this table in the house, but I have several ideas in mind already where I think it will look really nice.


  1. You make me want to get married again and DIY everything. LOL. So fun! Love that you're having such a blast with this.